Champions for Children Campaign


Supporting Young People’s Mental Health in Camden

Help us raise crucial funds to support young people in Camden needing mental health support. All donations made through The Champions for Children Campaign during the live campaign week between 8th June – 15th June will be DOUBLED! We aim to help 60 young people who have been affected by the pandemic, giving them skills to support themselves and their peers through such a stressful time. The project also increases social connectedness while remaining physically distanced.
Donations can be made through the donate button above or by visiting

We carried out surveys during the pandemic with young people and found young people are under huge pressure and increasingly vulnerable & isolated due to Covid. Peer support was the most popular action identified to help cope. As we enter the recovery phase of the pandemic, it is crucially important for young people to have open-access mental health support which is community based and non-stigmatising. Our peer support programmes play a vital role in helping young people feel more connected, gain social confidence, and learn how to build their resilience.
With your support, we will help 60 vulnerable young people receive training to help them understand mental health, share experiences with others, improve their wellbeing and support others.
The proportion of young people experiencing “low levels of mental health” will decrease by at least 50%. Through the campaign, 60 vulnerable young people will participate in weekly peer support groups, helping them build relationships, reduce isolation and increase their sense of connectedness. Through developing leadership skills and helping others, young people involved will gain key soft skills needed to become work ready.
Peer support is so valuable for the prevention and treatment of mental health in young people and this is especially true during the pandemic, a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Taking part in this project and being trained in peer support will provide young people with a sense of agency and accomplishment. Training is accredited and participants gain an average of two AQAs each. Through employability workshops young people will report confidence in being able to articulate these skills in interviews and applications

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