Corporate Volunteering

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  • February 17, 2013

Corporate Volunteering

Make a difference to the communities you live and work in

FYA has a wide range of volunteering opportunities for professionals to get involved with Camden’s young people and volunteer their time. Individual staff members who have specific skills to offer are encouraged to support us in a range of different ways.

  • Help out with events
  • Volunteering at our events can be a brilliant way to be directly involved – whether supporting our young people to supervise activities, acting as stewards, or even part of the Clean-up Crew to ensure our events leave the sites as they were found, if not better. We engage thousands of young people throughout the year in organising a range of events from community festivals to youth action showcases.
  • Learn more about our events here
  • Help out with our programs
    • Become a football coach: We’re looking for volunteers to coach football sessions in the evenings and weekends. Volunteers will receive training to become a qualified coach.
    • Partner with us: We’re looking for companies to partner with us over a period of time to support any specific project such as one of our peer education or leadership cohorts.
    • Learn more about our programs here.
  • Link in to our employability programs
    • Provide work experience: We’re looking for companies who can provide a work experience and mentoring placement for a young person. You can support a young person in developing their employability skills whilst boosting their confidence and helping them fulfil their potential.
    • Deliver workshops: We’re looking for companies to support us in delivering workshops around any areas of expertise or supporting employability.
    • Learn more about our employability programs here.
  • Make media
    • We’re looking for volunteers with media know-how to help young people tell their stories in our peer education programme. We need support in: filmmaking, photography, graphic design and web design etc.
    • Learn about our peer education programme here .

Please note that a small donation will be required to cover costs associated with setting up certain opportunities.

For more information, contact our Partnerships Manager on 02073887399 or email

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