18 July
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Voice Box

  • YMCA Indian Student Hostel 41 Fitzroy Square London W1T 6AQ United Kingdom
  •  July 18, 2018   — July 18, 2018
  • 04:30 pm — 07:30 pm

Voicebox was a free event held on 18th July 2018 by the Young Promoters and Outreach team of our Camden Champions project attended by 45 young people and professionals in the borough to consult on various elements of Camden Champions work. This included;

The Debate Station – We held a debate around confidentiality. This debate will lead to further work looking at a confidentiality statement for services for
young people across Camden in the coming months


Mental Health Charter Development – All attendees took part in looking at the statements the Camden Champions have created for their Camden Youth Mental Health Charter and discussed their priorities and if there were any elements missing.


‘Your Dream Service’ – this gave attendees a chance to consider their priorities for services related to the way young people are treated in services such as sexual health, GPs and mental health services. These thoughts and findings will feed into wider conversations with services and into a mystery shopping inspection model being designed by our Young Commissioners.


We were joined by Sam Bakarat, a mental health advocate who started as a young person advocating for improvement in mental health services and who started her own research project regarding confidentiality in mental health services. She shared some of her personal experience, but also inspired many of the attendees with her confidence and passion.

We were also joined by Zohra from Muslim Youth Helpline, who supported the Your Dream Service workshop.

Two young people, Charlotte and Reem, also shared a spoken word piece they had been working on at FYA whilst they were doingwork experience. This has now been made into a film called ‘Pink Skirts and Blue Guns’ which you can see here soon: 



The Camden Champions programme aims to empower young people to have a say in local decision making and to increase awareness of mental health among young people and the reach of mental health services. The group is also consulting and supporting improvement in a number of other health and youth services. 

There are three sub groups within the Camden Champions

  • Young Commissioners 
  • Young Promoters and Outreach 
  • Young Programme Advisers

To find out more about them, please visit our Champions area. 


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