Jack Petchey Awards

  • Andre Schott
  • June 1, 2016


We participate in the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards Scheme to celebrate the achievements of our young people. Every month for nine months of the year, one of our members is nominated for the Jack Petchey Award to recognise an outstanding achievement. As part of the Award, they receive a grant of £250 which they can spend on an item or activity benefiting a group of young people.

Here you will find a selection of our recent award winners from 2016 onwards.

Jack Petchey Winner June 2022 – Isabella

Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager: Isabella has been nominated for being one of our most committed volunteers – she has been a community champion in regent’s park estate for a year, taken part in Euston Canvas, Girls Club, planned the events and hosted stages at Cumberland Fun Fest and Showcase and is one of our Youth Ambassadors. Isabella is incredibly kind to her peers, encourages and empowers others, shares her opinion with peers and adults and consistently inspires us with her creativity and ideas.

Isabella’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: I am so proud to have received this award. I have seen others get it recently at school and now I have one! It’s so great to be recognised for what I am doing but I also love it here and feel part of something. Thank you so much!”

Jack Petchey Winner May 2022 – Fatima Osman

Shipon, Peer Education & Media Manager:  Fatima is enthusiastic, energetic, committed and a great example to others. She doesn’t allow her autism to hold her back and she encourages others to participate in the programmes too. She has worked so hard, which includes creating a film and narrating it to encourage others to talk about their feeling. She is truly an inspiration and thoroughly deserves this award.

Fatima’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I grew up in an educational system where we were laughed at by other kids. We were hidden, that is how some of us felt. So when I came to FYA, I felt people were actually listening to me and understood because I was with other people like me. We were talking about our special needs and our experiences. It was quite nice to know I was not alone. We all felt we belonged here, when some of us felt like they had not belonged anywhere. As we have all worked hard, I am so privileged to receive this award and I feel happy to be acknowledged. Therefore, I want the money to go toward buying a new camera for FYA to continue the work they do around film.”

Jack Petchey Winner April 2022 – Iesma Ahmed

Fathiya, Peer Mentoring Officer: Since starting with FYA Iesma has been a fantastic participant/volunteer to the peer mentoring programme. She has overcome many things in her life and has been open about them and is able to inspire others in her group. She has been committed, enthusiastic and encouraging to others. Her humility and character is what really won her this award as she so likeable and caring in the group. She thoroughly deserves the award.

Iesma’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I have really enjoyed my time on the peer mentoring programme, facilitating sessions and getting to know my group. Thank you for the certificate, I’m going to take my group to the theatre and for a meal!”

Jack Petchey Winner March 2022 – Sumayah Abdi

Fathiya, Peer Mentoring Officer: Sumayah has been with our girls club group from the beginning of the pandemic and has since been with us on a weekly basis. She is committed, enthusiastic and encouraging to her peers. Due to these reason is what she has given this award. Even during the difficulties and challenges of the pandemic Sumayah has shown up, participated and facilitated sessions too, to encourage her peers to also get involved. We feel her dedication to our work and consistency means she thoroughly deserves this award.

Sumayah’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “When I joined girls club, I didn’t know what to expect. It was the first youth club I’ve been to, and I was just excited to start this new chapter of my life. It’s been a while since I started girls club and it’s done so much for me. I’ve grown as a person and have overcome new challenges. I have met an amazing group of people who’ve helped me develop new skills and see the world as a better place. I will honour this award with gratitude and enjoy being apart of girls club for many years to come”.

Jack Petchey Winner February 2022 – Ibrahim Hersi

Aleffa, Youth Participation Officer: Ibrahim was a fantastic team member for youth led social action project #NoJudgement, exploring black lives matter and mental health. When Ibrahim started on the project, they lacked confidence and struggled to voice their ideas and opinions in front of the group. We and their team observed them grow more confident, sharing and having their ideas valued and they became a very proactive leader within the team. They challenged themselves to try things that would make them unsure or anxious, including interviewing 4 people on the day of their event, something they did not think they would be able to do near the start of the project.

Ibrahim’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I am not sure what to say – I am so nervous. I would never have thought I could get something like this. It was great getting the certificate and my class all clapped. I think the whole team worked hard. Thank you for noticing what I did. Thank you again.”

Jack Petchey Winner January 2022 – Kacy Philpot

Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager: Kacy has recently taken part in several volunteering projects with us over summer. Inspired by the projects she has completed, she and a couple of other young people approached her youth worker at Fresh Youth Academy to do a project that could support local homeless people and those in need, creating care packs. She wanted to start the project with a trip to engage more people with the cause and for team building and decided to take a group for escape room and some food together! Kacy has been instrumental in the creation of this project and takes leadership in each session, supporting others and encouraging others input. It has been brilliant to see Kacy grow. We cannot wait to see the success of the project, but her team wanted her to get some recognition of her hard work and dedication.

Kacy’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: Thank you! I am really surprised but so glad to receive this award. It makes me feel really valued and thank you for supporting me and the project! This trip is a great way to start our project, especially as things felt really tough before the Christmas break and we were not sure if there would be more restrictions preventing us from being together and doing the project.”

Jack Petchey Winner Nov 2021 – Ilham Anwar

Karina, Session Worker: Ilham was one of our youth event managers for Street Party 2021, where she and her team put on an incredible end of summer event for over 500 members of the community! Ilham was voted by her team members and the group facilitators for the Jack Petchey award – they said; ‘She was very encouraging and supportive of everyone else and did her best to make everyone feel included and the environment a more fun place.’ ‘I choose Ilham to receive this award because When we were working as hosts there was a muddle up with our scripts and half of us were panicking. However, Ilham made sure we kept calm and solved our issue very quickly. She made sure we knew our lines on when to get up on stage and go. Out of all of us she was the person who kept the stage intact and kept the audience involved.’  ‘Ilham consistently showed leadership skills through the project and was brilliant and supporting her peers to feel confident too.’  

Ilham’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I am so happy to have been given the Jack Petchey award, it means so much to me that my team valued my input into a project that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. With the money we will use it to send the team to Thorpe Park as a little treat to reward everyone for their efforts over the last couple of months.”

Jack Petchey Winner Oct 2021 – Jannah Akter

Aleffa, Youth Participation Officer: Jannah was part of organising an event to explore Colourism and celebrating each other’s uniqueness and in fact recruited most of the other young people who were organising the event. Jannah was voted as the Jack Petchey winner by her peers ‘because she was great at creating ideas but also supporting others ideas,’ ‘she had a lot of energy towards the event and had good leadership.’  We are very proud of Jannah and her ability to lead and support others and the event was a great success!

Jannah’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I think I won because I wasn’t hesitant to express myself as I believe that in order for change to happen, I as an individual must confront and initiate the first step to encourage other members of the community to make that change with me. I really am the boss =)”

Jack Petchey Winner Sept 2021 – Daniel Tolou

Fathiya, Peer Mentoring Officer: Daniel joined FYA in 2020 and since then has been involved in several parental separation peer mentoring groups. At the end of every programme Daniel chooses to stay on for the next group to help other young people who have their parents separating and/or in conflict. He leads check ins, facilitates discussion and thinking amongst the group and is a general supporter of his peers with his presence. He has won this award for being a great peer mentor who gives up his time to help his peers. He is kind and considerate of the group and gives them the space to learn things for themselves but also shares his own wisdom and knowledge with the group from his past experiences in the programme.

Daniel’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I am honoured to be given this award and I wasn’t expecting to be rewarded for helping others who had gone through similar experiences as I did. The experience I had here at FYA was a reward on its own and this just makes it even better. I hope to make a positive change in many children’s lives.”

Jack Petchey Winner June  2021 – Fares Shamren  

David, Head of Programmes: Since joining the peer mentoring programme, Fares has shown great commitment and leadership within the group. He has encouraged others, spoken well and facilitated many sessions. He has been a great inspiration to other and has shown enthusiasm for the work, such as wearing a suit and dressing smart, as well as being professional within meetings.  Th group agreed that Fares deserves the award and that he has worked hard. He was very happy and surprised to have won it.

 Fares’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: Woah I’m very surprised to have won this award, I felt everyone did really well as its important work, but I’m honoured to have been presented with this Jack Petchey award. I’m happy we can celebrate together.”

Jack Petchey Winner May 2021 – Moin Pablo Viso Gillani

Atifa, Youth Participation Officer: Since joining FYA, Pablo has been an excellent member of the group. He is so enthusiastic, hardworking and encourages everyone to get involved. He specifically worked on the peer mentoring programme and showed great commitment. Event when he was at the doctors the day he received this award, he logged in remotely to join the session. He is such a great inspiration to others and the whole group believed he deserves the award too.

 Pablo’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I am so happy to receive this award and feel very privileged, as everyone worked so hard and I feel everyone deserves it. It will be great to see everyone and celebrate together the work we have done. I am honoured!”

Jack Petchey Winner April  2021 – Khalid Al-Hamdani  

Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager: Khalid has been one of the most incredibly committed volunteers at FYA, and has continued to demonstrate this throughout 2020 into 2021. Khalid has undertaken nearly every project he can at FYA, has recruited and encouraged other young people to take part and takes on additional responsibilities, often volunteering himself to take the lead or be accountable for project work. This has been most recently as an Ambassador, where Khalid took extra time regarding the first funding application for ambassadors. We are proud of his accomplishments and excited to see how he continues to develop

 Khalid’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award : I’m so happy to have won this award and I feel very privileged to have been chosen. I think everyone I have worked with is fantastic so this is a real honour. With the reward I hope to do something fun with the group and ensure we all enjoy ourselves.“


Jack Petchey Winner March  2021 – Ayden Lamb 

David, Head of Programmes: Ayden was awarded this achievement due to his commitment and enthusiasm for the youth action group he was a part of, which was held online due to COVID19 lockdown. He presented himself a leader to the group as he always contributed and encouraged others to do so and had his camera on the whole time at every meeting. He also deserves this award as e received some stick from the group outside of the sessions, which did not faze him and he continued to work hard and encouraged the group. Due to his leadership and commitment, and especially his residence, he thoroughly deserves this award.

Ayden’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: Wow, I’m so surprised I have won this award and I feel so privileged to have received it. I ‘m very grateful for the experience and to be able to get this this award. I’m happy the group chose me, thank you.’”

Jack Petchey Winner February  2021 – Jannat Sultana 

Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager:Jannat has not been with us long, but has already made a big impact. Jannat is one of the first Community Champions in Regents Park estate and has been part of co-producing what that project might become and how we can engage other young people in the area. She has been incredibly committed, being a key voice in sessions with adults and young people, and has done work outside of the sessions too. We cannot wait to work with Jannat face to face community listening and organising an event for the community!

Jannat’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: Thank you so so much, I am honestly shocked – you have no idea how much I appreciate being nominated for this. It means so much to me. Being a champion means I get to speak to people from so many different backgrounds. I am not only getting to make a change in people’s lives but also help to build a better, safer and friendly community. I can’t wait to get the team together face to face, share food and become a proper team. Thank you again!”

Jack Petchey Winner January 2021 – Katy Wun  

Fathiya, Peer Mentoring Officer: Since joining FYA, Katy has shared about her autism and the struggles she has with socialising and confidence. But since then she has worked very hard in her developing herself and encouraging others too. She join in with all the activities and programmes she can, she has grown in confidence and is more talkative and wanting to lead more sessions. She is a great example to other young people and an inspiration too all. She thoroughly deserves this award for her enthusiasm, development and being a great role model.

Katy’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I don’t know what to say, I feel very shy and embarrassed right to get this. I’m very happy and proud of myself to win this. Thank you very much. It has made me happy to win this award and I want to celebrate with everyone here!”

Jack Petchey Winner November  2020 – Aysha Ahmed  

Sumayah, Youth Leadership Coordinator: Aysha joined FYA at the peak of the pandemic, becoming a part of the Digital Steering Group – leading the way for FYA in a difficult time. The group transitioned into the Warren Centre Management Team and so did Aysha. She is a supportive member of the team, with laughter and kind words for her team members. It feels like she has been a part of FYA for years, not months!

Aysha’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I’m happy to get the Jack Petchey award because I’m fairly new to FYA and still have so much to learn about it, but I’ve made great new friends out of it, and I’m excited to work with them on more projects. I would like to spend the money on an online escape room for myself and the rest of the Warren Centre Management Team. I feel like we have spent this year working really hard, and adapting to change a lot, so it would be nice to end the year with a celebration for us all.”

Jack Petchey Winner October  2020 – Medrianna  Rairata

Karina, Youth Participation Officer:  Since Medrianna Joined FYA she has been enthusiastic, committed and keen to do any piece of work that was available. She has created pieces of media that created awareness on issues that impact her and her peers, trained as a peer mentor and event managed our first ever online showcase event. She has done everything possible at FYA. Medrianna is polite, professional and encourages others to participate. She has worked well in a team and individually and is a great role model for other people her age. She thoroughly deserves this award and her peers agree.

Medrianna’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “Thank you so much, I did not know you can get the Jack Petchey award by doing this work, I did not expect it.  I am very happy, after a long day at school, I feel privileged. I look forward to celebrating with the group”.


Jack Petchey Winner September 2020 – Emilia Folasade Badero

Karina, Youth Participation Officer: Emilia was chosen because from the beginning of starting this project, she has shown so much enthusiasm, commitment and progression. At the start she was quiet and slightly unsure  and reserved. but has come out of her shell and developed herself as a leader and a role model for other to follow. This is why she has been chosen for the award, as she has really grown and shown herself to be a great leader. She thoroughly deserves this award.

Emilia’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I  am so shocked that I have been chosen for what I know as being an important award. I’m really thankful that I have people like FYA that give me opportunities to further my achievements. I’m so grateful for this award and all the people that support me and believe in me. Thank you so much! I look forward to celebrating with my peers.”

Jack Petchey Winner June 2020 – Batul Chenab

Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager: Batul has always been a dedicated volunteer for FYA, but recently has really stepped up and given a lot of her time to us, especially during Lockdown. She has joined the weekly meetings of the Youth Ambassadors helping to steer our organisation through frequent changes as we adapted our ways of working, but also been a key member of the weekly Digital Steering Group, which has been so vital during this current situation and how we are engaging her peers online. She has also recently represented FYA and voiced on behalf of many of her peers at a Camden Borough event with leader of Camden Council Councillor Georgia Gould and MP and current leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer. Batul’s fellow Ambassadors voted for her unanimously, which i think is a really clear reflection of how valued she is!

Batul’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I am very happy and honoured to receive this award. I feel the group as a whole has done great work so I have a great idea on where to go when this lockdown is over and we are able to go out again. I think we deserve a fun day out!”

Jack Petchey Winner May 2020 – Gloria Elubode

Aliya, Youth Worker: Gloria from the beginning was a great volunteer at FYA, she came before anyone else to get information on the programmes and what she would be involved in. She encouraged her sister and other friends to get involved too. During activities, she assisted in ensuring her peers arrive on time and she has contributed so much to the work. Her peers agree she deserves the reward and she has acknowledged them to say they have all worked hard. She definitely deserves this Jack Petchey award for her participation, commitment, enthusiasm and leadership.

Gloria ’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I’m so happy I won this award, I know about Jack Petchey awards but I have never won one until now. I am so proud. But the group have all contributed the same as me, so this is for all of us. I want to go anywhere fun with the group to celebrate!”

Jack Petchey Winner April 2020 – Louise Bloodworth

Dave, Head of Programmes: Louise was someone who was shy at the beginning but then started to be more open and shared got involved in the project immensely. Even though at the beginning she didn’t know anyone well, she was proactive to develop relationships with people. Louise showed great leadership by encouraging others to participate and she was very keen to ensure the work was completed. One particular moment was when another young person felt left out and Louise approached her to get involved, which made the young person feel happy. For this reason alone, is why Louise deserves and was awarded the Jack Petchey award in leadership and participation.

Louise ’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:“I was very surprised and happy to have won this award as there are others who deserve it too. I am very happy I was chosen, and I will do my best to live up to the award. I want to take the whole group out to celebrate to Nando’s, so we can all enjoy the reward.”

Jack Petchey Winner March  2020 -Jayna Regelous

  Karina, Peer Mentoring Officer:  Jayna was nominated for this award and won because, she really helped motivate her team and offered peer support to others. When Jayna really worked hard and helped the team to come up with workshops, activities and games. She has been a real integral part of the leading the group, hence why she thoroughly deserves the award.

Jayna ’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:‘It still feels very unreal that I’ve won this award. my advice is to just be yourself and do the things others won’t. I haven’t decided what I would like to spend the money on but it definitely will be taking the team out. I’m so excited to celebrate!”

Jack Petchey Winner February  2020 -Derome Robinson 

   Marium, Youth Participation Officer:Derome has been with FYA for some time in which he has participated in many of our projects and he ensures within all groups that his peers and young people are participating and working as a team. He has been an essential part of the training and development of new ambassador programmes here and his peers agree he deserves the award.

Derome’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:“I’m grateful for the award as I feel like as a group we have done some amazing work and we have supported the development of many different programmes at FYA, so I feel we all deserve the award, hence why I am looking to use the money to go out with the whole group.”

Jack Petchey Winner January  2020 -Alma Samkari

  Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager:Alma was nominated by 6 out of 11 members of her team for this award. They noted she was very shy at the start, but over time has grown in confidence and become a real leader in the team. Members also commented that she had lots of great ideas and was brilliant leading the media at their Winter Community Dinner event held at the end of December. They also nominated her as she has been the most punctual or even early and has always been committed to the project.

 Alma’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:“I feel very happy to receive this award and grateful for my team members to have nominated me for it. I look forward to taking them out to celebrate all our achievements”

Jack Petchey Winner November 2019 -Abdul Samad 

  Marium, Youth Participation Officer:Abdul has developed many new skills throughout the ambassador program and he showed great leadership skills during the youth ambassador training, from assisting with planning before the residential to peer recruitment and on the residential itself. He transitioned from youth ambassador to youth ambassador trainer on the residential really well and was very good at encouraging other young people to take part in all the activities and learn new skills. He was a very good motivator during activities and very supportive when young people were creating their pitches, discussing his own experience to help with their pitches. It has been a real honour having Abdul on the youth ambassador programme.

Abdul’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I’m happy that the work I did was recognized during the new ambassador residential. I love the ambassador program and I happy to use the money towards our final trip. I will miss the programme because it has helped me develop new skills.”

Jack Petchey Winner October 2019 – Mariam Momen   

  Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager:Mariam has been a part of FYA since joining as a steward at one of our community events and then she decided to plan an event of her own with a team of her peers. She has shown so much commitment to the work and team and is a great role model for other young people. She is enthusiastic about the work and demonstrated good leadership skills, such as encouraging her peers and always taking on extra work when needed. When the group was asked to vote on who they felt deserved the award, the majority voted for her as they felt she demonstrated everything that was needed to win.

Mariam’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:  “Wow, I can’t believe I was chosen to win this. I feel very proud and happy my work has been acknowledged. The rest of the group have been great, so I’m surprised I won. I’m speechless. I’m looking forward to going out with the team to celebrate, when we can find a suitable date. Thank you”.

Jack Petchey Winner September  2019 – Shaan Ramnah                                 

                                                                                Dave, Head of Programmes: Shaan has been a great participant of the steering group for the Street party him and his group organised. He has shown great commitment and enthusiasm for the work, which his peers have seen and seem to admire him for. When the group was asked to vote for someone they felt deserved the award they chose Shaan immediately, who was humbled and shocked. His attitude has always been positive and he has contributed without expecting anything in return which is why he deserves this award.  He is a good role model to other young people.

Shaan’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: : “I am very surprised I was chosen to win this award; I actually can’t believe it. I feel so privileged especially because there are so many other great people in my group. it makes it extra special for me to receive this award as FYA are only able to choose a certain amount a year. I’m very happy to have received this award. I’m looking forward to using the money to take my group out and celebrate our achievements”.

Jack Petchey Winner June  2019 – Noel Mutamba           

  Marium, Youth Participation Officer:

Noel was brought to our organisation by her peers who were already on the programme and since then she has excelled in all the different pieces of work she has been involved in here. Though she was brought in by her friends she now facilitates the sessions with them and encourages her peers to get involved and participate in our work. She has shown great leadership, communication and speaking skills, as well as enthusiasm and passion for the work. Her peers all feel she deserves this award and we are happy to present her with it. She thoroughly deserves this month’s Jack Petchey award.

Noel’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:  “I was nominated by my team because of the role I played and the support I gave everyone around me. I am very grateful for the nomination and I will be taking my team out for a meal so we can bond better as a team.”

Jack Petchey Winner May  2019 – James Montague                 

  Sumayah, Peer Education Officer:  James was the first member of the Southbank Peer education group and the most enthusiastic and committed, he also recruited his peers to join and was a great encouragement to them to continue committing, which is why it is so fitting he has won this award. James has demonstrated great leadership, communication and organisation skills during his time with us and really deserved to win. He is a great role model to other young people his age and will achieve great things in the future. James is certainly ‘Jack Petchey award’ material.

James’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I received this award because of my work with FYA. It feels good to receive this award for my achievements in community work, as it shows the impact I have made. The money that is connected to the award will be spent on a group trip next week, which I am looking forward to”.

Jack Petchey Winner April  2019 – Meklit Olive                

   Marium, Youth Participation Officer: Meklit joined FYA over 2 years ago and has since worked hard with us in all our different projects. She has encouraged her peers to also get involved and become ambassadors of our organisation. Meklit has shown great commitment, passion and leadership within the groups she has worked in and has always given 100%. She is a great role model for her peers, who look up to her, and she is always positive in all situation. She thoroughly deserves being nominated and winning this award.

Meklit’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award“I can’t believe I won this award, I feel so honoured and proud to have been chosen. I will do my best to live up to it and continue the work I am doing, which I really enjoy and feel it is important. My team has also worked very hard so I think we deserve a day out to celebrate and have fun”. 

Jack Petchey Winner March   2019 – Farzana Ahmed 

   Kirsty, Girls Club Manager:  Since joining the girls group Farzana has shown her commitment and enthusiasm towards helping her peers to grow within the group. She is committed to bringing new girls to the group week in week out. Since joining the group Farzana has taken on the planning and executing a session and has shown a massive growth in her confidence leading this session.  She has impacted her peers with the leadership she has shown within the group and I am very proud of how far she has come from when she started with the girls group.

Farzana’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award“I feel extremely lucky and proud to have received the Jack Petchey award, seeing my peers that have received it before me has given me great pride and confidence that I have joined them as an award winner and that the improvements I have made with the girls club have been recognised. I want to take the girls out on a trip, where we can have some fun and exercise at the same time”. 

Jack Petchey Winner February   2019 – Reg Whitall

   Abbie, Peer Mentoring Manager:   This award is being given because Reg has demonstrated great leadership and commitment on the peer mentoring programme. He led an outstanding workshop to his peers on mental health and resilience. Reg also shared his knowledge and came up with a creative activity to engaged his peers on mental health. He thoroughly deserves this award and is a great influence to other young people.

Reg’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award“I think that my award is a great achievement and I’m happy that I have won. It is a very unique experience and I am proud of myself from the session I made and performed. I will spend the money on everyone in my group and I hope I have inspired my fellow peers”. 

Jack Petchey Winner January  2019 – Matthew Vidales   


    Marium, Youth Participation Officer:  Matthew has been a part of FYA for over 2 years and since joining he has shown great commitment, enthusiasm and leadership within the groups he has worked with. He is currently a, ambassador for our organisation and has led many pieces of work to his peers and has been a great role model for them to follow. The group agrees he thoroughly deserves the award and that he has been an integral part of the team. He is an inspiration to other young people who are seeking to develop in leadership and we foresee him doing great things.

Matthew’s response to winning a jack Petchey award : “Thank you. I feel very proud to have won this award, as I feel some many others in the group deserve it. But I will do my best to live up to it. I’m happy my work has been recognised and I can represent the ambassadors. I want to take the whole group out to have some fun and celebrate all that we’ve done. I’m looking forward to it”. 

Jack Petchey Winner November   2018 – Mohammed Miah                       

Marium, Youth Participation Officer: 

Mohammed has been with us for nearly 2 years and within that time he has demonstrated enthusiasm and motivation since he has joined. He has not missed any of his regular Champions sessions or Ambassador sessions. Throughout the programme he has motivated his peers and supported them when needed. He has helped plan and delivery Ambassador sessions around reviewing projects we currently have and coming up with a plan of action.

Mohammed’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:“I was very surprised and honoured that I was chosen by my peers to receive the Jack Petchey award. I enjoyed working on the various events and projects with everyone, and cannot wait to continue. I’m especially looking forward to going out on a trip with everyone to celebrate”.

Jack Petchey Winner October  2018 – Mehreen Ahmed                        

Sumayah, Youth Participation Officer:   Mehreen was a part of the media programme and had a small role in the film, but did not let that get her down. Any time someone was feeling nervous or anxious, Mehreen would speak to them and provide them with comforting words. Often addressed as the mother of the group by her peers, as she was kind, an encouragement and inspiration to others. Mehreen was committed to keeping positive group dynamics and creating and excellent film. She is definitely deserved of the award.  

Mehreen’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award: “I tried my best to put lots of effort, dedication and commitment in the work. I did my best on the film, which I enjoyed, as it concentrates on issues that concern me. We worked hard as a team and all attended sessions, so we all did well. Therefore, I want us all to go out and have a good time”. 

Jack Petchey Winner September  2018 –  Fargena Kazi

 Sumayah, Youth Participation Officer:  Fargena worked hard within the peer education group to keep the film as authentic as possible. She supported her peers to add their parts to the story and would often lead the group during activities. She was an integral member of the group, which is why she was nominated and thoroughly deserves the award.

Fargena’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:   “Personally, motivation and dedication as something I wanted to work on and due to the exemplary performance I have achieved this award, to highlight my experience and achievements I have made on this project. I look forward to taking out the rest of the group and celebrating!” 

Jack Petchey Winner July   2018 –  Khala Rose

    Sophie, Head Coach :Karla-rose Khala Rose has been attending the Girls Club for over 10 weeks now and she has grown in confidence over that time.  This has been demonstrated by the fact that when she started she came with a friend but when her friend stopped coming but she continued to come on her own. Khala makes an effort to get on well with the other participants, joining in with discussions about a variety of topics, even though she is the youngest member.  She makes an effort to try new exercises and has started to demonstrate exercises and dance moves to the class.

 Khala-Rose’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:  “I was so happy I won! I love the girls club and I have made a lot of new friends which I bond with over our love for K-pop. I  felt that we can use the money for more equipment for girls club.”

Jack Petchey Winner June  2018 –  Suliman Bari                   

AbbiBarie, Youth Leadership Manager Suliman was a part of the peer mentoring programme and has been a fantastic volunteer from the start. He has shown nothing but commitment and enthusiasm for the programme and the role he has signed up for. He has encouraged the rest of the group to be good mentors and has worked really well with his mentee. The rest of the group agreed that he should win the award and are all very happy for him.     

 Suliman’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:  “I was really surprised to have won the award and it has made me very happy that people have recognised the work I have done. I feel very proud and I can’t wait to show my family.  I want to take the whole group to dinner to celebrate, I will eat later because I am fasting.”

Jack Petchey Winner May 2018 –  Fahim Rahman


jackEllie, Youth Leadership Manager:   Fahim was nominated by his fellow event team for the planting project this year. “I nominate Fahim because despite his being younger than everyone else, he has come up with some really valuable ideas, especially during the risk assessment”. “Fahim has been very committed to this project! He makes a great and helpful contribution, such as when we did the risk assessment he identified the risks of the project and how we can reduce them. He also helped design the poster very well too”. Fahim has impressed all of us at FYA with his enthusiasm and commitment and we look forward to continuing to work with him.

 Fahim’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:   

“I am really proud. I really didn’t think I would get it I can’t wait to show my dad. I’m really excited to get to spend the money on a celebration for the team”.

Jack Petchey Winner April 2018 – Aimee Fox 

     Sumayah, Youth Participation Officer:                                 amie

Aimee has been participating in FYA’s Peer Education programme. She has shown commitment throughout the project, adding her opinions as well as supporting her peers in sharing their views. She has been a constant source of encouragement for those around and her and is always open to taking on a role of responsibility. Aimee was chosen by her peers to receive this award.

Ellie, Youth Leadership Manager:   “I won because I was chosen by my peers. I feel very honoured to have been given this opportunity. I hope to spend the money on a trip to a restaurant as a treat for our hard work”

Jack Petchey Winner March 2018 – Sydney Mputu Mola

     Marium, Youth Participation Officer says:            sydney picture

Sydney has been with FYA for some time now and has completed some exceptional work. She has delivered peer education to a group of her peers. Sydney has been part of a previous Christmas community Christmas dinner steering group to plan and organise the day. She has been an inspiration to other young people as she had volunteered as a football coach, where she helped with the delivery and planning of sessions. She is a former FYA Young Ambassador who helped deliver the training for the new FYA Young Ambassadors. She has been an inspiration to the young people she has worked alongside as well as the work she has done alongside the Camden Health Champions and providing other young people with support. Sydney is great at working with other young people and also helping to deliver sessions. She fully deserves the award as recognition of the work she has been doing.

Sydney ’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:“I think I won the award due to being a hard worker and attending all events. It was a surprise to me because I’ve never won anything before. The money will be spent on a trip which is a reward for being part of the Camden Health Champions. As a result of all those who participated and gave up their time, get to relax and go on a trip.”

Jack Petchey Winner February 2018 –  Yosan Tesfaldet  

 Marium, Youth Participation Officer says:                   Yosan (2)    

Yosan has been with FYA for a while and she has done some great work. She has worked with different teams of peers and has developed some great work, such as a peer education film around supporting people with mental health problems and she has helped manage a community event. She has been a great inspiration to other young people and is very encouraging to the rest of the group, which is why they voted her to win this award. Another reason why she won this award is that she mentors other peers and people turn to her when they need her, which she responds really well too. Also, She fully deserves this award and we are happy for her.

Yosan ’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:“I’m very happy to receive this award and I’m proud that I have recognised for the work I have done at FYA. It’s been great volunteering and getting involved in the different things and it’s even better my friends are involved too. I’m really looking forward to going out with my group to celebrate .”

Jack Petchey Winner January 2018 – Storme Collin-Marshall 

Sumayah, Programme Officer says:                        Jck

Storme attended a mental health awareness session along with her group. Throughout the programme, she showed great leadership strength, but sometimes struggled in communicating effectively with others and made an active effort to challenge this behaviour of hers and improve. Storme’s communication significantly improved throughout the duration of this programme. Because of the improvements Storme made the group voted her to win the Jack Petchey award, as they felt she deserved it.

Storme’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“Although initially, it may have been hard to finalise an idea for our project as well as trying to work around school, this programme has been a great experience that has allowed me to strengthen my communication skills and teamwork as well as something I can put on my CV.”

Jack Petchey Winner November 2017 – Maria Magdalena

Sumayah, Programme Officer says:

Maria and her group attended a mental health, and drugs & alcohol awareness session. Off the back of that, the group decided to create a film based around mental health and men. Throughout this group work, Maria demonstrated incredible commitment and passion. Maria was open to trying new things, such as acting in the film, and quite often led the group, helping guide her fellow group members.

Maria’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I really liked working with a new group of people, trying new things, for example the acting I did for the film. I have a better awareness of mental health, and feel like my confidence has improved. I also feel like I have got better at challenging other people and their views because of this project.”

Jack Petchey Winner October 2017 – Chenola-Paris Leah Blake

Chenola JP

Alice, Programme Officer says:

Chenola joined FYA in the summer and has been involved in the planning the Fitzrovia Street Party and is now in the peer education project, planning a film around mental health. Chenola is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the group, always giving ideas and taking part in sessions. She gets along with everyone in the group and wants to make a different to other young people’s lives through promoting awareness of mental health through the film the group are making.

Chenola’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I feel amazing that I won the Jack Petchey award. I cannot wait to go out with the group.”

Jack Petchey Winner September 2017 – Atifa Juhi

Jack Petchey Atifa 2

Alice, Programme Officer says:

Atifa joined our Community Events programme and was enthusiastic about the work immediately. She got involved in all aspects of planning and organising the event and encouraged the whole group, as well as brought her friends to join the group. When we asked the group to vote for the winner of Jack Petchey, they all unanimously voted for Afita, because she was a good leader of the group, worked hard and were a great team member. Atifa definitely deserves this award.

Atifa’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I feel extremely honoured and happy to have received this award. I really do feel more confident in team leadership. I was very surprised when they called my name out to say I had won, because I think the whole group did great! I’m looking forward to going on a trip with everyone to oxygen free jump, where we can have some fun!”

Jack Petchey Winner July 2017 – Ellie Fraser

Ellie jpDave, Programme Manager, says:  

Ellie came to us as a really shy young person and seemed like she didn’t want to get involved in any of the programmes. But when we asked her to participate in the peer education programme and make a film on bullying and mental health she became engaged and came out of her shell. She shared about her own experience and invited her friends to join the programme, came up with lots of ideas for the film and volunteered to be the lead in the film. She really deserves this award as she has come a long way and even got her friends involved in the programme and has developed her confidence and skills. she is definitely someone who have overcome boundaries to win this award.

Ellie’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I feel really proud to have won this award. I didn’t think I’ll get anything like this because my friends have worked so hard as well. But I am very happy I have been voted to win. I want to take out everyone to a fun day out and a meal, so we can celebrate our achievements”.

Jack Petchey Winner June 2017 – Mia Madrid

Mia MadridAlice, Youth Participation Officer, says:  

Mia joined FYA last year as part of the peer education project, making a music video about mental health. She is now a member of the community events team, planning and organising the Warren Pitch Community Picnic. Mia is a great team player at events, always helping to set-up and staying behind to clear up too. She also helps to conduct evaluations with members of the public, showing her public speaking skills. Mia is a performer too and regularly sings at community events with her sister. It has been great to have Mia as part of the team and she deserves the award.

Mia’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I am really happy to win this award but it is a group effort. Everyone has worked really hard in the picnic steering group and it is going to be a great event. I am looking forward to using the money to take the group out for a celebration trip!”

Jack Petchey Winner May 2017 – Aleksandra Tihomirova

Aleks jack petcheyAlice, Youth Participation Officer, says:  

Aleks joined FYA a number of years ago and from the beginning she has shown herself to be a leader and to encourage other young people in the work we do. She is currently working on planning and delivery our next event, Community Picnic and has been a great support in the team. She’s a team player and gets involved in anything we ask her to do, as well as help facilitate session with people her age or younger. She has performed and hosted at nearly all our events and always does a fantastic job. She has always wanted a Jack Petchey award and we are glad we can award it to her for being a great inspiration and role model for other young people. She definitely deserves it.

Aleksandra’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I am so surprised and I can’t believe I got this. This is so sweet. I have always wanted to receive this award and I am very happy to accept it. Thank you for recognising the work I have done here it means a lot to me. I have really enjoyed getting involved at FYA and performing is something I really want to do, so it’s great to have that opportunity. As I and the group have been working hard I would like to take us out on a treat and to have fun!”

Jack Petchey Winner April 2017 – Jay Atkinson

Jay Jack PetcheyDave, Programme Manager, says:  

Jay joined our Peer Education programme through our partnership with Dragon Hall Youth Club. Jay has appeared in all the film we have done with Dragon Hall and encouraged other young people to do so. He is always willing to do the work and much more, as well as act as an example to other young people.  He has demonstrated leadership qualities by presentation to other young people and leading groups of young people to complete the work. He is a good role model to other young people his age.

Jay’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I am very to have won this award, I am very happy to have been chosen. It feels as though my work has been recognised and that I have accomplished a lot. The group has worked very hard and I want us to go out to have fun!”

Jack Petchey Winner March 2017 – Emmanuella Ilunga

Alice, Youth Participation Officer, says:

Emmanuella has been with FYA for 3 years and has shown herself to be very committed and passionate about the work we do which she is involved in. She has now won this award with us as she is leading a group to organise our next Showcase event and has been a great role model to her peers and has encouraged them immenselt to participate and give their ideas. She is a great peer mentor and when the rest of the group was asked who should win, they all agreed Emma should receive the award.

Emmanuella’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I feel very happy to have won this award and did not expect it, as I am happy just to do the work and get involved. I think the group is great and we have been working hard, so we all deserve to win the Jack Petchey Award. So because everyone has been working hard, we will use the money to go out and celebrate after the event we are planning.

Jack Petchey Winner February 2017 – Daniel Birch

Dave, Programme Manager, says:

Daniel joined our Peer Education programme and from the get go was really keen and enthusiastic in the work. He has been voted by the staff and young people to receive this award as has been a great role model to his peers and sets a great example to the rest of the groups. Daniel has always been on top, contributed and led the work that happens weekly and always participated and encourages other to do so too.

Daniel’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I was really surprised to have received this and I’m very proud. We have done a lot of work together as a team, so I am very happy to be voted for this. I enjoyed writing the rap lyrics for the song and performing and I feel this award is an added bonus. Because we worked as a team, I want to take everyone out to have fun!

Jack Petchey Winner November 2016 – Saba Ahmed

Alice, Youth Participation Officer, says:

Saba was recommended to us by her older sister last December. Saba threw herself into volunteering with us straight away by helping at least year’s Community Christmas Party we host. Since then she has constantly been volunteering and planning different pieces of work including this year’s Christmas Party, where she recruited 10 of her friends to join and organise the event. She has been chosen to receive the award for her leadership among her friends, commitment and passion for the work we do and she has been a positive role model to her peers.

Saba’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I’m so happy and surprised I won this award. I was literally writing my CV and wished I could add a Jack Petchey award to it and now I can, I am so overwhelmed. I am flattered and grateful to those who chose me and I want to take my group out to celebrate the Christmas party we are planning because we all deserve it!”

Jack Petchey Winner October 2016 – Erfan Najimi

Dave, Programme Manager, says:

Erfan started with us over the summer and has got involved with all the projects we did and continues to work with us. Erfan has shown commitment, passion and enthusiasm in all that he does, such as the peer education programme where he acted as the main character in the film. He is a funny person and makes everyone laugh and gets on with his peers well. He has worked hard and encourages others to do so too.

Erfan’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“It was great fun and hard work being involved in the peer education and events with FYA, I feel my group did such a great job as well and I thank them for picking me to win this award, which I am very grateful and proud. I look forward to taking them out and having lots of fun.”

Jack Petchey Winner September 2016 – Jacqueline Camara

Karim, Youth Participation Officer, says:

Since Jacqueline has constantly used her own initiative to complete work and additional duties. She joined the group to plan our annual street party event and she has gone above what has been asked of her. She is very friendly and gets on with everyone, which motivate them to work hard as well. She has been so positive in the group and is always keen to get involved and comes in to do more than require. The group all agreed she should win this award for her dedication, passion and commitment to the project.

Jacqueline’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“Thank you so much for this award, I feel happy and honoured to have been chosen to receive this. I feel proud of myself and I feel this award has motivated me to work harder. The work I was involved in was very fun and the group I worked with were amazing, so I really want to treat them and go out to have a fun time.” 

Jack Petchey Winner June 2016 – Ian Tagalan

Dave, Youth Participation Manager, says:

Ian has been with us for a short while, 4 months, but he has demonstrated a real interest and passion for the work we do, to the point where he has signed himself up for 2 weeks work experience here. He shows creative leadership as he encourages his friends to participate in the programme and activities we host. Ian is a great role model for other young people and what makes him more outstanding is that he realises this and works hard to not disappoint anyone.

Sean’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I feel more than just happy and proud to receive this award, I feel this award has given me a great opportunity and podium to be a role model to other young people my age, to show them all young people have a responsibility to their community to be leaders and make a positive contribution to society. I would like to use the money I receive to take out my peers to have fun and celebrate our achievements.”

Jack Petchey Winner May 2016 – Sean Burke

Dave, Sean BurkeYouth Participation Manager, says:

Sean has been with us for over 3 years as a participant but for the past 6 months, he has been volunteering as a young ambassador football coach and has been excellent. He has shown commitment, passion and enthusiasm for the role. He inspires the young players he coaches and encourages them all to engage. He has been very responsible and professional as a coach and the team are proud of him and his achievement and development in such a small amount of time.

Sean’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“Thank you. I am taken back by this acknowledgement, this award is great and I am very surprised and happy to have received it. I like coaching younger people and the team I have around me is very supportive and I would to take them out to enjoy a meal together.”

Jack Petchey Winner April 2016 – Hanna Hosseini

Dave, Hanna HossieniYouth Participation Manager, says:

Since joining us, Hanna has participated in many different projects and has shown a real commitment to the work to the point that others in the group are motivated and encouraged by her. She is also very polite and respectful to others and we believe a role model to her peers. She is currently helping us plan our next community event and is contributing many different ideas; she will also host the event on stage as well as perform.

Hanna’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I am very surprised to be given this Jack Petchey Award, I will feel very happy and proud to have won, especially because there were so many other great people in the group, so I don’t know what to say. But I definitely want to take the group out to celebrate the work we’ve been doing.”

Jack Petchey Winner March 2016 – Lauren Reid

Shipon, Lauren ReidPeer Education and Media Manager, says:

Lauren is a member of our peer education group and they have been working on creating a music video and delivering peer education to other young people. She has worked really hard and is always on time and enthusiastic about the work. She is liked by the entire group as she always shows she is passionate for the work and positive, which inspires the rest of the group and motivates them. Therefore, she really does deserve the award, especially as the group voted for her to win it.

Lauren’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I am very happy and surprised to have won this award. I feel proud to have been chosen by the rest of the group for my participation in working on the peer education programme. Because I am so thankful for winning, I’m going to take out the group with the money.”

Jack Petchey Winner February 2016 – Nazim Uddin

Alice, Nazim UddinMentoring Programme Officer, says:

Nazim has been involved with many projects at FYA, always showing great commitment and enthusiasm. Recently, he has been involved in the Christmas Community Dinner steering group, where he worked well alongside his other team members. Nazim offered to host the event and was a great compere, holding the show together and listening to audience feedback. Nazim should be proud of what achieved in the project.

Nazim’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I’m very happy to have won as I have always wanted it. I showed my mentor immediately. I have been with FYA for a while now and I understand their projects. Therefore, I would like to support their football programme and purchase a washer-dryer to wash their kit.”

Jack Petchey Winner January 2016 – Abbie Bishop-Fox

Alice, Abbie Bishop-FoxMentoring Programme Officer, says:

Abbie was a member of our youth steering group planning a Christmas Community Dinner. She showed great commitment to the project by going the extra step to research in her own time. She always came to sessions with new ideas and was invested in the event. On the day, Abbie showed great leadership by assisting a younger steward by making sure he was okay and knew what to do. Everyone was really impressed with her work in the project.

Abbie’s response to winning a Jack Petchey Award:

“I feel really happy and proud to have won the Jack Petchey Award! I’ve told everyone I know about it. I enjoyed being part of the Christmas event and working with everyone to put on a successful event. I look forward to celebrating the event at the dinner this award will pay for.”

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