Corporate Support

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  • February 16, 2013

Corporate Support

Make a difference to the communities you live and work in

With the support from our corporate partners, FYA is able to empower young people to create positive change in their community and in their lives. Learn more about our impact here.

What we can do for you:

Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) can help your business in a number of ways and fulfil your community engagement ambition. Our team will tailor a partnership that delivers results for both of us.

We can…

  • Provide opportunities for your employees to gain highly rewarding experiences and your business to develop a broader insight into the local community.
  • Help your business meet its Corporate Social Responsibility targets, improve your image, and boost your local reputation.
  • Assist your company by planning away days and in house fundraising and training opportunities.
  • Provide expertise regarding involvement of young people, social action and youth governance to positively impact your organisation.
  • Acknowledge your organisation’s involvement with us on Programmes, any film, banners and posters, social media, website page, volunteer t-shirts and other promotional material.


What you can do for us:

We offer businesses a wide range of opportunities to become involved in supporting our charitable work with young people. Every contribution we receive is valued.




Probono and In-kind Support                        Financial Support                                 Corporate Volunteering        


Probono and In-kind Support

Support our projects by providing goods or services on a pro bono basis. Any support or expertise in your field of work would be appreciated. Some examples include:

  • Support us with our HR needs
  • Provide us with legal support
  • Join our board of trustees
  • Provide us with resources such as IT and media equipment and use of facilities.
  • Contribute items such as prizes for raffles and competitions or rewards to our young volunteers.
  • Support key integral elements of our events such as involving your catering department, reprographic printing facilities for items like programmes


Financial support                                           

  • Fundraising: Provide monetary support for our work, either as a donation, work place giving (via payroll) or through fundraising initiatives, such as events or challenges, on our behalf. We can support you in all these areas.
  • Sponsorship, contribution or partnership: Your company could sponsor an event, activity, film or specific experience. Learn more about our community events and other projects here. Sponsoring is a great way to enhance your business’s local reputation.
  • Rewarding young people: You might like to contribute to a post event celebration for the young volunteers who have completed one of our programs or towards them receiving AQA Unit Award scheme accreditations for their work.
  • Warren Sports Pitch: Support FYA by using our Sports Pitch or enter one of our leagues that run during lunchtimes or in the evenings. All the money raised from our pitch bookings and leagues are directly used to support local young people to create positive changes in their community and in their lives


Corporate Volunteering

FYA has a wide range of volunteering opportunities for professionals to get involved with Camden’s young people and volunteer their time. Individual staff members who have specific skills to offer are encouraged to support us in a range of different ways.  Find volunteering opportunities here.


For more information, contact our Partnerships Manager on 02073887399 or email


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