Online Youth Media Programme

  • Jannelle Williams
  • April 9, 2020


Since the outbreak of covid-19, young people have been under an enormous amount of pressure and many will become increasingly vulnerable.
The initial feedback we received from our members is that many feel bored, while others feel isolated from those around them. Some of these young people live in busy homes and lack personal space whereas others live in households with no one around to support them. These are just some of the issues our young people have been experiencing.
We have created an online media programme for our members to make short films based on issues that are important to them. This gives them a chance to voice their thoughts and feelings, and empowers them to share their views with others who are in a similar situation. This also encourages young people to stay in touch with their peers and collaborate remotely to take part in a social action programme.
If you are interested in creating a film or other media contact our media manager: or call/message him on 07716845886

#Lockdown Series

We are excited to have our football programme back. Check out the video from our coaches explaining how football will take place from now on. I’m sure we have all missed a kick about with our friends or a competitive game. It feels like it has been a while! Guess what? You can get your time on the pitch now! So, start booking your slot and get back to playing! All safety and social distancing measures will be in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Our youth media team has been working with young people to tell their stories about how the covid-19 is affecting their day to day lives and how they are coping with its impact on their mental and physical health. Each week, the young people are creating a short film at home, on devices such as their phones, tablets or gopros.
Fake News
‘Fake News’ is the first of a series of short films written and performed by members of FYA. It is about the spread of inaccurate information on covid-19 which is having an impact on a young person’s mental health.

This short music video is called, ‘Lockdown’ – it highlights some of the experiences of a young person under the current circumstances of the lockdown. Members closely collaborated to create lyrics that showcased their emotions and displayed the changes that they are facing.

Lockdown Diaries Part 1 
A young person talks about how life in isolation has been causing him to feel low. He outlines strategies of how to cope during the lockdown. He’s also advising others on how to stay active (he is trying to start using his ‘daily’ exercise allowance to walk as he hasnt been leaving the house very much) and explains the current difficulties that young people are facing during their time at home. He shares some ideas of how to stay occupied and why it is important to do so during the lockdown.

Lockdown Learners COVID-19
FYA carried out a telephone survey with over 120 young people about their experiences during the lockdown.  Their number one concern was their education – how the lockdown would affect their exams, their results and what will happen next.  This short film focuses on a young person who speaks about her feelings about her education due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

This film is an account of what young people are doing during the lockdown. In keeping with the advice given, the young people are trying to keep themselves busy by doing activities they enjoy indoors. Young people are watching movies, reading books, singing and song writing etc. This in turn is making their time at home easier and is keeping them occupied.

Habits During Lockdown
This is a film from different young people’s perspective showing the different habits they have developed during quarantine. Not all are positive, some young people are over sleeping. While more positive habits are being developed such as exercise and getting fresh air.This film has been created with young people from Westminster Kingsway College.

How did it happen? 
This short music video challenges conspiracy theories surrounding 5G, the news coverage around covid-19 and how life has dramatically changed in the last few months. It has a positive message about standing together and protecting the NHS by staying at home and saving lives. This piece was filmed by a young person who followed the government’s social distancing guidelines.Created by young people at home, all the filming, lyrics and beats were created by the group.

FYA Ambassadors – It’s Good to Talk
FYA ambassadors have been meeting once a week during lockdown, to discuss the different issues young people are facing during this time and providfe peer support to each other. They explore some of the current issues that are being faced and some possible solutions. Here’s their conversation last week in action!

‘We wont let this divide our community. We won’t let it define our future’ I am Not the Virus is our latest film in the Lockdown Series -This film displays young peoples insight into how covid-19 is changing their lives and how interaction and behaviours have drastically changed over the last few months. It explores the idea of how young people’s future may be uncertain due to school closures. It clearly states the idea that, ‘I am not the virus’ and delivers a hopeful message that we are going to overcome this together.
The group who created this had been working on a film as part of our #PeerEducation project and were ready to film the day FYA had to close its doors. They quickly adapted to working online together and created a new film in response to their experience. They contacted friends and other peers to be involved too. 

Changes – COVID19
This is a spoken word film created, written, acted and edited by an FYA ambassador. She takes a glimpse into the way lives around the UK have drastically shifted and the impact it has had on society. In this piece, she sends a positive message about remaining hopeful.

You Are Not Alone #togetherness
During the lockdown a group of young people from La Sainte Union Catholic School (LSU) have weekly meetings discussing issues that are important to them currently. This week one of the members wrote a song to show support to others and to inspire togetherness. She performed her piece live to them during a group video call. A key message behind her song is to remind others that they are not alone

Hate Crime Discussion #togetherness!
This week one of the members from LSU discussed the topic of hate crime that the Asian community are facing in the UK. She created a poster to present the rise of hate crimes in the UK linked to the coronavirus. A key message behind the group discussion is the impact that hate crimes may have on the mental health of young people. She has also expressed that many in the community may feel scared or worried to go outdoors due to this.

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