What We Do

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  • February 17, 2013

Who we are
Fitzrovia Youth in Action is Camden’s leading youth action charity. We empower Camden’s young people to create positive change in their community and in their lives.

What we do
We support local disadvantaged young people in developing projects which address the issues they care about, such as community cohesion, healthy living, conflict, drugs, and alcohol.  We also work in
partnership with a wide range of local businesses to provide our young people with mentoring and work experience opportunities.

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Our ethos
We take a youth action approach, ensuring young people are actively involved in each stage of our projects. Participants learn to tackle the problems they face, develop their self-confidence, increase their aspirations, and gain the skills needed to access higher education or employment.

Our vision
Our vision is young people creating a better community. We aim to make Camden a place where young people can fulfil their potential and benefit their community through the power of youth action.

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