• Samira
  • November 17, 2020

Employability Workshops

FYA supports young people to increase their aspirations, overcome the barriers they face and to develop skills and experiences needed to progress to employment, further education or training.

In 2019-20 we worked with over 600 young leaders, supporting them to make a difference on the issues that they care about within their community. At the end of each cohort, young people approaching school leaving age join our employability workshops, where they reflect on the skills gained during the programme and learn how to articulate these in applications and interviews. We work in partnership with the local business community who provide hands on work experience and work training. Our members regularly come in for job search support, building their CVs and preparing for interviews.                

Recording Success

Our validated tools measure some of the key personal and social soft skills considered most relevant to the workplace.   Evaluation of our baseline and exit data for 2019/20 (based on 431 completed surveys) showed significant increase in these transferable skills.  The two areas of greatest development for young people were their social confidence and their leadership skills.

Throughout our programmes, qualitative data is collected from observations and interactions with others. As quantitative measures, we also record attendance and successful completion of AQA qualifications. The ultimate measure of success is how many of the participants go onto to become mentors delivering their own workshops and/or volunteering on the many other programmes we offer in youth action across Camden.

Members Achieving

We use AQA as a recording of achievement scheme for our members. It is a tried and tested means by which learners, no matter what their age or ability, can have their achievement formally recognised.

The scheme:

·        rewards students for short units of work

·        supports, motivates, and promotes a positive learning experience

·        can be used as a pathway to other awards or qualifications

·        can be used to recognise voluntary work.

List of accreditations achieved by young people Amount 
Total number of young people who received at least 1 AQA accreditation 456
Total number of AQA accreditations 1075
Number of Different AQA’s10
AQAs Awarded
Event Management  82
Introduction to Public Speaking 66
Customer Service 74
Leading an Event 38
Leadership 19
Drug awareness 110
Creative Communication: Film Making 149
Peer Educator Level 1 126
Peer Mentoring225
Basic mental health awareness 186

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