Want to be Brazen?

  • M1ckAdm1n
  • September 23, 2013

Are you a young woman aged 17-24?

Have you ever been arrested or cautioned, or are you worried about getting in trouble with the police?

Brazen is a young women’s theatre group and a chance for you to develop your confidence and creativity whilst working with other young women. This eight-week course funded by the Amy Winehouse Foundation includes drama games, vocal and physical warm-ups and improvisation. No experience is necessary, and you will be awarded a NOCN Entry Level 3 qualification if you successfully complete the course.
“Brazen” is run by Clean Break in partnership with City and Islington College. Sessions run every Thursday from 3rd October, 2p.m to 4p.m. There’s also a welcome session on 26th September from 11a.m –2p.m. Clean Break will pay fares, provide lunch and arrange childcare, if necessary.

Contact Clean Break for more details:
Clean Break
2 Patshull Road
London NW5 2LB
Tel: 020 7482 8600
Email: general@cleanbreak.org.uk

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