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  • March 17, 2020


UPDATE: 20/07/2020
Football is Back!

To find out more about our Football sessions, please contact Shipon.Hussain@fya.org.uk or call 07716 845886
UPDATE: 14/07/2020
Warren pitch to re-open following lockdown
Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) will be opening the Warren Sports Pitch from Wednesday 22 July.
We have developed a booking system which will help ensure social distancing and provide families and small groups of young people with a safe and dedicated space to exercise.  From Saturday 18th July, parents will be able to call a phone line to make a booking for use of the pitch.  Initially, the pitch will be opened five days a week from Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm (10am-6pm on Sundays)
Bookings will be provided by the charity free of charge to local families and young people.  We are aware that there have been occasions at other sports pitches where social distancing rules have been breached. We want to do what we can to safeguard the health of pitch users and the local community ​and have thought carefully about this before reopening. FYA will employ staff to be present at the beginning and end of each booking to ensure a safe transition between each booking and remind users of the social distancing rules. Football and other contact sports between members from different households will not be allowed and only four people from different households may use the pitch at any one time.  Hand sanitiser will be available and staff will wipe down the gates and other key touch points between each booking.
We know how important the Warren open space is to young people and the local community.  We are sorry that we are unable to offer open access at the moment but we are confident that through our new arrangements, young people and local families will be able to enjoy exclusive use of this great facility in the safest way possible.
We will keep the booking system and pitch use under regular review but in the meantime, we will be encouraging local families to call us on 07871 380 040  or email warrensportspitch@fya.org.uk to book a place on the pitch from Saturday 18th July
Our football coaching will resume from next week also. To find out more, please contact Shipon.Hussain@fya.org.uk or call 07716 845886
We are sad that our annual Fitzrovia Street Party will not be taking place this summer but look forward to running our festivals, planting projects and community dinners in the Warren again next year.

UPDATE: 07/07/2020
We are currently speaking with youth members, parents and staff regarding how we plan to move forward into summer as guidelines are swiftly changing, We will be taking the time to ensure that any action we take is safe and will benefit our young people and the community.
There will be a more significant update regarding this as soon as possible. Until then, here is our updated programme of activity online. For all our updates,  regularly check our twitter and insagram accounts @fyaonroad. Get in touch if you are interested in working together online, or in the future.

UPDATE: 22/04/2020 
We consulted over 120 of our members during the fourth week of the Covid 19 lockdown, about their experiences and the impact of the lockdown and how young people can play an active role through youth social action during this time. 
In response to their feedback, we’ve worked hard to deliver a breadth of sessions and activities across the week to meet the needs of our young people
Key findings were; 



1 in 5 (19%) do not have access to a private space 
1 in 4 (25%) told us they were struggling




The top three concerns young people shared with us are (in order); 


  1. Worries about their education 
  2. Worries about their family 
  3. Concerns about not being able to go out and see their friends 
Other concerns included jobs and income, concerns about others not following guidelines, worries for those who are homeless or more vulnerable and for those who have or now might experience poor mental health and wellbeing 
Our Response  
Peer support was among the most popular activities which young people suggested FYA should organise. 
In line with the findings from the consultation, much of our current work is now focused on supporting our members and partner agencies to facilitate peer support groups so young people in Camden can help each other with their well-being during this time of isolation.

Other activities suggested by our members included games, fitness and art sessions, which we will include through the virtual groups and social media engagement. 
Our main other focus is supporting young people in running youth media programmes so that their voices and experiences can be heard.
We continue to facilitate our ‘Young Ambassador’ and ‘Digital Steering Group’ cohorts but have furloughed some staff involved in other aspects of our work in order to protect the charity and the work we do. We are still hopeful for when we are able to bring the community together again.
We are also speaking to our funders regarding specific projects, events and activities we normally run in order to protect what we can for when we are able to bring the community together again. 

Click here for a Timetable with links – click on each item to go to the right page

Summary of activities to date during lockdown and links to get involved 
– We have consulted over 120 young people so far regarding their experiences and what they would like to participate in during this time

Peer Support
After piloting online peer support with our Girls’ Club, we are currently operating six weekly peer support sessions for various groups of young people, including young people from Corams, UCL Academy and other partner agencies. 
Clear HERE to see how to get involved  


Youth Voice
Young people are creating media and film from home about their experiences. Five films have been produced so far and we are working with six sessions a week with young people from FYA, La Sainte Union, Westminster Kingsway College and UCL Academy.
Click HERE to see our films and how to get involved 


The new Digital Steering Group designed the consultation and together with our Youth Ambassadors will be working on new projects arising from the consultation. They have also created three Spotify playlists to connect people through music and came up with the #joygallery to connect through art and creativity on our social media
Click HERE to see how to get involved and for our playlists 
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates @fyaonroad and ways to get involved 

UPDATE: 24/03/2020

In light of the update from the Prime Minister yesterday, 23rd March 2020 and following guidance from the local authority, we have taken the decision to close the Warren Sports Pitch until further notice.

We have not taken this decision lightly as we know how important exercise is for physical and mental wellbeing and how important the pitch is as part of accessing that for the community. However, we are also aware that the updated guidance provided yesterday is to limit people leaving their homes as much as possible, and to limit team sport activity, in order to try to support greater community health.

We will therefore no longer be taking bookings on our website or other external websites. 

​Whilst the pitch may be closed, FYA still plans to be as active as possible for our brilliant members, community and supporters. Keep up to date with what we are doing via our social media (@fyaonroad on twitter and instagram.)

We are working with our young people to develop their Top Tips during this time, we will have some challenges coming up and other ways that the community can get involved, all designed, shaped and/or led by young people!

We would very much value your continued support during this time. If you are able to do so, please get in touch with Raja.Miah@fya.org.uk or donate here 

Please also get in touch with Raja for any other question regarding the pitch.

UPDATE: 17/03/2020

After the update from the government yesterday, we are taking a moment to plan how to best support you at this time, whilst supporting the London and national effort to physically distance.  Our first priority is to protect you, your families,  volunteers and our team.

We are therefore sadly cancelling all face to face delivery of sessions (including Cumberland Youth Club at HPOD, Girls Club, Football sessions and all youth action groups) until further notice. HOWEVER, we are still working! Most staff will be working from home remotely

We are working on alternative ways to ensure that youth social action can still happen and bring people together, even when we are having to temporarily be apart. We will be in touch with YOU, our amazing youth volunteers and participants to see what creative ideas you have and involve you in how we all move through this fast paced changing time.

We will also be contacting local partners and other youth providers to support our colleagues and community as we progress to explore if there are ways we can work together.

Until we receive further guidance, our pitch will operate as normal including youth free time 4-6pm with restricted access at weekends: Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm. Our lunchtime and evening leagues have been postponed until further notice.

We will continue to keep everyone updated as the situation develops.


Key contacts as the office will be closed: 

Office Manager: Jannelle.Williams@fya.org.uk

Warren Sports Pitch: Raja.Miah@fya.org.uk / bookings@fya.org.uk / 07999949261


Follow us on twitter and Instagram for updates @fyaonroad and ways to get involved 


Keep up to date with guidance: 






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